Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday Shoot | Grunge & Roses

Today was a mix of photo-shoots, fooling around and hipster eating (packed under a budget though).
Always glad and grateful to have a friend like Fern to come down all the way to the East to agree to do a shoot with me ^_^ Basically we shot around the East area, and it was raining at the start, but thank God for stopping the rain and really great weather to shoot in after that! Anyway, we did individual as well as twin-ish shots  for each of the components; I'll introduce our adventure part by part, so enjoy!

Part 1: Roses // Floral Crowns

We headed to Telok Kurau Park as well as around my neighbourhood for this part to get some greenery and nature in our shots.  Telok Kurau Park's pretty pretty except for all the random bright blue steel benches thrown about the place (thus the limited shots this time round). Nevertheless, we got some rather decent shots and had fun in muddy puddles albeit slightly unhygienic.


 What I'm Wearing: Topshop White Crochet 60s Shift Minidress, DIY Oversized Floral Crown & DIY White Brogues with Blue Velvet Strip
What Fern's Wearing: Cut Out Shoulder Top, Zara Trafaluc Cream Double Side Slit Maxi Skirt & Rubi Tan Sandals

It was pretty funny when we started placing the camera on self-timer continuous shooting and running around on the grass to get some shots, and I'd say we were twinning it pretty well :>

Part 2: Lunch @ The Garden Slug

So after hanging out with gardens/nature/greenery all morning, we decided it was apt to head down to the Garden Slug; it has really great food at a decent price; you can check out their menu on their website. They've got a whole array of food; have yet to try it all, and I'd definitely revisit!

Fern had the Hot Honey and Lemon Lime, while I had the Iced Chocolate (not shown cause I couldn't get a nice pic).

For mains, Fern took the Salmon Confit tossed in herb-infused olive oil and white wine sauce, which was great actually (flavourful and strong fragrance with the zest of the squeezed lemon), but may come off as overpowering for some. 

I took the Juicy Shrimp & Roast Pumpkin Pasta in a rich pink "shrimpkin" sauce. This one was thoroughly satisfying for me, and the natural sweetness (yes, a pretty sweet pasta) of the shrimp as well at the pumpkin in the sauce perfectly complemented one another. Enjoyable and filling (double the carbs but double the enjoyment)! Super yummy ~

Part 3: Grunge // Alley Kids

This part of the shoot went really well, and we shot in an alley around Carlton Ave, and thankfully, although we were shooting behind other's property, we did have a supportive audience of a kind resident who supported our photo shoot, explaining that her son too did photography. Although we didn't really require her help, her friendliness did put us at ease to shoot in the alley behind those houses. Truly blessed! Secondly, the location had a well-suited ambience for our shoot, and that was awesome to have.

What Fern's Wearing: H&M Red Checkered Shirt, Miss Selfridge Lace Bralet, Nasty Gal Side Split Black Maxi Skirt, Styledasher Cut Out Boots (JC-inspired)
What I'm Wearing: Light Blue Topshop Textured Crop Top, TEM Double Front Split Midi Skirt, ASOS Extreme Marble Wash Denim Jacket, ASOS Black Leather Look Waist Belt, H&M Black Suede Platform Heels

Part 4: High Tea // Conclusion

We had afternoon tea (which pretty much covered our dinner appetite as well) at Flor, a Japanese cake patisserie just around the Siglap area. Expensive at around 7 bucks for a piece of cake, but still great to hang out at for its quietness and clean, neat space. It's worth a try, especially for this chestnut cake (below) which is pleasant to the tastebuds - it's subtly sweet with a light cake and equally light cream. The place is also usually full of wonderful cakes, but it happened that today they were almost all sold out, so we only managed to grab the chestnut as well as chocolate ones today!

That concludes our tiring and great day just hanging out and shooting, and here's a few happy shots to lighten and brighten the mood :)

With much love, 

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