Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nat Leong x Jubitai

Hey readers! 
Hope y'all had a great week (it's coming to the end of a Sunday here). It's raining, it's in the evening and I'm cosied up in a lounge secretly watching a movie off the reflection of my computer screen. (Come on, it's James Bond, who can resist a little classic movie action?) Lovin' this. 
Sorry, just not-so-secretly snuck in that picture :)

Anyway, main point of blogging today is to introduce to y'all Nat; a really great friend to hang with and amazing photographer. We did the shoot 'EXPOSED' pretty recently (just last Sunday), heading to a few different places on the Purple Line which I'll tell you guys along the way! Enjoy~~

Part 1: Punggol // Forested
YES I KNOW. That floral crown again :) I guess it really did become one of my best friends since that day that we shot. I'm just showing a few of the selection/ my biases; so go ahead and check out the rest of Nat's photography work on his Facebook page!

This particular photo (above) reached the popular page on 500px; congratulations Nat! How awesome is that~
I also really appreciate the compositions of each and every one of the shots. And to me, composition really is one of the most key aspects in a photograph! 

Part 2: Punggol // Bridge
This bridge was pretty fun to shoot at, especially for the levitation shot, but one annoying thing was just the whole horde of people walking about on it and the awkward sun in the sky (Do you know those suns stuck in the mist that are bright but clouded? Yeah those awkward suns.) Okay, that makes it two annoying things huh; sorry rambling here.

The above reminded us of (wait for it...)
A blind shot, but it was one of my favourites. 

 Part 3: Woodleigh // Twilight
This place was seriously reminiscent of scenes in Twilight, and it was pretty much a strange and creepy adventure because it was bordering towards nighttime + we were walking through the tall grasses + surrounded by nature devoid of other human presences. Then again, we pretty much didn't care and went ahead because YOLO. Hahaha nah, it's called having the adventurous spirit of photog kids. (I realised I'm rambling so much here I'm sorry, bear with me.) 
Moving on, it turned out to produce theatrical and atypical shots, especially with the natural spotlight created within the shadows of the surrounding trees. Loved that too.

Part 4: Clarke Quay // Nightfall + City Lights
We got to Clarke Quay and did a few shots from across the road. Got random weird stares. I mean, after all, who would be posing in the middle of town with a ginormous floral crown and staring into the dark (cause Nat was across the road which was unlit)? Actually, come to think of it, I might. I'll try it again next time and tell you guys what it's like.

Part 4: Dhoby Ghaut // Almost The End
The shots for this part were a little more varied because we walked around different places in Dhoby.
I be giving myself chills in this picture. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the whole series of photos, and do follow Nat if you have liked his work, be it on Instagram, 500px or like his Facebook page to support! 

Here's more happy shots to end off!
Much love,

So gorgeous and I know it.

Photo Credits: Nathaniel Leong 
Please give credit where it is due, do ask for prior permission if you want to use any of his work! :)

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