Wednesday, November 06, 2013

DIY | Kimono Kraze

Hey readers!
I guess I caught on to the Kimono craze, and I DIYed my own Kimono Outerwear. Materials weren't that cheap at Arab Street with the printed cloth going at $10/m and the inner lining material at $5/m, but I guess still better than heading to spotlight. I took around 5 hours just to piece the entire kimono together from scratch, with inner lining and all; need to practice to work faster. If you guys are curious on how I did the kimono, do refer to Elle Apparel's tutorial as a reference model --- really useful!

Moving on to the exciting part: the shoot!
By the way, I was looking through the photos and I just couldn't help but laugh. I just looked like such a tree hugger in some of the photos.

What I'm Wearing: Handmade Black Floral Kimono Jacket, Black Leotard, H&M Basic Black Skater Skirt, ASOS Grey Creepers, ASOS Jewelled Hand Harness
(Btw I've posted this look on Lookbook, do help to support! It'll be much appreciated ^^)

I'd say this DIY project was definitely a success because it was the first time I bothered with inner lining and stuff, thus it was presentable before a camera. Yayers!
Other than that, I've also made a skirt out of the same material, which I may post later if I do a shoot with it or feel like it. Meanwhile, let me just flood this following part with some happiness and randomness.

i) Today was a beautiful day.

 (probably already developing some treehugger instincts huh)

ii) So many girls hope to be more beautiful in one way or another. (myself included)
ESPECIALLY the whole thigh gap thing nowadays.
So unless you want to be a tripod, stop worrying! (okay this sounds nonsensical but let me explain)

You want to show more leg?
Sure, a tripod's got three.
You want longer, bronzier, skinnier legs?
Yeah, that all falls under 'tripod' too.

I'm so bad at telling jokes that only sounds funny in my head.

iii) The light hit the crystals beautifully. No editing needed. 

Sorry for the weird format of posting today cause it's all a messy mix. Nonetheless, ending off with more happiness ^_^

<<<<<<< Happy holidays! >>>>>>

Much love, 

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