Sunday, December 01, 2013

Anniversary | Where it all started

This was where it all started: exactly one year ago. 

In the beginning, it all started from a single photoshoot which honestly was meant for filling up space on my AEP blog last year. Now, it's an avid hobby.

From being armed with an Olympus digital camera, cheesy overlay phone apps and Instagram, to now (to my relief), equipped with a DSLR and proper blog, doing photoshoots purposefully.

I'd say I've grown in my style, and from utter randomness to more randomness, from raw and unskilled to a little more skilled, from utter noob to less noob :) Still learning, still trying to grasp what I haven't/ 

Below are the stuff and photos I myself haven't seen in a long long long time, and a short visual diary of where it all began.
Oh, nostalgia.

P.S. sorry for the bad quality; changed my laptop since then and I took these off Facebook.

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