Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vulnerable | Salvaged

Hi readers! 
Haven't blogged in a long long time/
This whole "holiday" has been crazy packed and I've already fallen sick twice within a single month. Feeling somewhat terrible even as I blog right now. Anyway, just did this shoot yesterday, and right after which I got a fever and slept so much I got tired of sleeping. Sadly, the shoot turned out not as great as I hoped for it to be, and I had to salvage what I could this morning. Then again, I'm somewhat enjoying the vintage grainy feel of the shots after editing.

I just felt like this song echoed this shoot. A Great Big World and Aguilera's voices complement each other really well; they're beautifully haunting and vulnerable in song. That was exactly it: the vulnerability which reflected the sentiments of my shoot. 

There's that certain sense of solitude and guarded vulnerability. I wonder, maybe, if you know the feeling when you're so made-up and trim on the outside, so gelled together without a single thing out of place, yet you're crumbling down inside. Well, it's been happening to me. Ironically, whilst others may get confidence out of their looks, sometimes I feel downright terrible when I dress up and I lose my self-assurance. Even more ironic that I call myself a fashion-art blogger on my Instagram profile. It hasn't always been like that though; might also be the result of a myriad of things happening so far and a few of my own heart issues like my oxymoronic tendency to push people away the more I favour them (only some people, not all my close friends of course). Perhaps it was good for me to have fallen sick yesterday, gave me quite a bit of time to chew up the big pieces of heart issues and think 'em through. Therefore, letting some things go and I'll be on the road to physical and emotional recovery. Haha but don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed or anything, just overworked in my physical/emotional capacity for the moment. Here I am, with my little slice of vulnerability.

What I'm wearing: Pale Pink Hi-Neck Dress purchased from Carousell, Purple Vintage Ruffle Maxi Skirt from Hong Kong (thrifted)

Sorry about the lack of happy pictures to end off for this post~

 (Still with) Much love, 

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